Assignment 4 – Pantheon

My independent research for project four will analyze the passive building systems of the Pantheon.  I chose to research the Pantheon because it is in my opinion the oldest and most successful example of designing with passive systems.  The Pantheon’s design supports passive ventilation, natural light, thermal mass, and water drainage.   The oculus, lime-pozzolana building material, and marble floor are the main passive design elements.  The careful use of building materials and varying levels of porosity connect the Pantheon and allow it to mediate its relationship to external systems.

In my CAD class I designed a 3-D model of the Pantheon which I will use to develop a series of sectional diagrams illustrating the passive ventilation via convection through the oculus, natural lights penetration into the interior space and absorption into the building walls via radiation and thermal mass, and the passive drainage of water via the porosity of the marble floor.

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One Response to Assignment 4 – Pantheon

  1. nell connors says:

    I find it so interesting that you singled out this building as passive design. It completely is, and I cannot wait to see your findings. I visited the building two summers ago; the experience is truly unparalleled. One finds themselves at the mad rush of the street, warm radiant heat pouring down in mid-summer, but the second you enter the structure, it becomes another world. The temperature drops by, easily, twenty degrees. The space, although packed, becomes a muffled hum of activity around you. And all you can do is look up, allowing yourself to be fully emersed in the quality of the light striking the ceiling and illuminating a few select coffers. There is no experience like it, for such a simple geometry produces such an experience. (Can you tell I’m obsessed?) I cannot wait to see your findings!

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