Influx_Studio + Moe


Graphic diagram of five hundred buildings in the central chicago "loop" area

Recently I stumbled upon a project proposal by Influx_Studio to renovate Chicago’s iconic Marina City Towers as part of an ongoing effort to “de-carbonize” Chicago, improving the sustainability of five hundred buildings in a core part of Chicago.

I thought that the design of the Marina City Towers renovation provoked many concepts tied into the Moe reading on ventilation systems and thermally active systems because the design as the potential to utilize stack ventilation and a thermally active building envelope consisting of vertically irrigated vegetable gardens and algae bio-reactors.  This is a very informative graphic of how the wind turbines located at the top of the towers, the passive ventilation system, vertical irrigation, and vertical green mass work together to create a comprehensive building design using thermally active systems to reduce the load of the ventilation system:

ImageThe building envelope is actually a hybrid water-plant system, but I think that it is a great example of a new way to think about cooling buildings as Moe says in this quote:

“In a water-based system, the focus is on continuously removing heat from the space by way of the various surfaces.  In this mode, the surfaces absorb heat energy.  The surfaces do not cool the space, as many designers and engineers presume, but rather never allow it to get warm.  If a building does not overheat it does not need to be cooled.”

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